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Accurate Electronics is committed to providing the best in customer service. Every customer’s requirements and needs for access controls and security are unique, which is why every job is thoroughly researched and specifically tailored for each client.

Our company is based on an old fashioned business attitude that puts customer satisfaction OUR #1 PRIORITY!

Good Morning,

I wanted to let you both know how great we think the new camera system is so far! We have already had a couple of incidents and I was able to easily find the footage, review it clearly, and save it. We just had one resident back into the other and drive off. From the camera system, I found the footage, was able to read the license plate, and turn the info over to the local sheriff's office.

I know there have been a lot of technicians here but Chuck and Matt have seemed to be the main ones onsite. They have both been extremely knowledgeable, capable, communicative, and helpful during this system transition. This job has been huge for us and I am so pleased that Accurate was the company selected to perform it for us.

Heather Caban
Wellington at Seven Hills

To whom it may Concern,

I first received the name of your company from Digi-International as a business in the area they would recommend to work on our system.

When I called to inquire, I was greeted and treated warmly and professionally. It is such a pleasure to speak with a 'REAL Person' from start to finish. Amanda and Shelby are, in my opinion, outstanding in terms of telephone customer service.

The 'Frosting on the cake', however, belongs to Tash - your service Tech for his absolute professional and personable manner in which he assesses a Situation, formulates a game plan, thoroughly explains the repair, completes the repair and leaves the repair area better and cleaner that he found it! I am impressed with Tash's ability to really listen to the customer and be able to respond in a mannor that assures the customer he totally understands what they are telling him.

Based on my experience of your exceptional personnel and services, I will not hesitate to continue to use Accurate Electronics for my Digi-Tech, Security and CCTV needs and recommend you highly to the other Storage Facilities in my Synergy Storage Group.

Best Wishes for continued Success!

Nancy Pedersen-Gac General Manager FishHawk Storage

Derik, Thank you so much for your time and trouble. I also wanted to reiterate how impressed I was with your service Tech.... First Class!

Lorna Alexander


I wanted to take a moment to give you feedback with our experience so far with Accurate Electronics. We have been dealing with our current entrance gate issue for well over several months now, prior to reaching out to your company, not to mention other gate issues. We have been through 2 other gate service companies that are in the area (I will not name names), with most of the same recurring issues. What has come to surface is that all of the issues that we have had were multiple layers. Some was the equipment and most importantly, the other was the ability of the field technician that comes to trouble shoot and cary the ability to think not only for themselves but critically.

I would like to thank you for sending Milan out to service our needs. Milan has been fully focused on listening to our problems and then tackling the issue versus the other companies just coming and ripping things out and replacing items without even trouble shooting. I can tell that Milan takes great pride in his work and his customer's needs. In fact, on of the times Milan was here on a service call it started to rain. He was determined and focused on staying to complete the problem. In the past with other Gate companies, I experienced them being here in the same scenario and it raining. They loaded up and left to come back another day, and had the audacity to charge us for the return trip charge to finish the job they left uncompleted.

Bottom line, Milan is a good guy and has been a value to Buckingham. Thank you for sending him to correct our problems. I am sure you guys see the same customer focus and needs based approach that he displayed to us all the time. he should be commended for a job well done.

I know people always take the time to complain and tell others how disappointed they are, but never take the time to say thank you and tell someone how well they have performed. I would ask that you share this with Milans Supervisor.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with Accurate Electronics and having our gates serviced.

Thank you,

Andreas Tziotis, Buckingham HOA, President


I wanted to let you know how impressed we are with your staff, from first person that answers the phone to the Tech that comes out to perform service, it is always prompt, professional and courtious. It is an absolute pleasure working with a company like yours.

I have worked with many contractors and vendors over the years and I can honestly say I have never found a more trustworthy and honest company as yours. I wanted to share something with you, we had a board meeting the other night to approve a repair quote and one person in the room asked if we were going to get other bids for the repairs. Everyone in the room stood up and all at once said, "NO" "Accurate Electronics is the only vendor we will not get rid of. We have the Best Gate company and we don't need to look any further"!

Just wanted to let you know how our association feels about your company!


Theresa Corrado Oaks at River Ridge

Milan is absolutely wonderful! The best service I have had since I moved here.

Sincerely, Randy Jacobson

Nick Milan was here and as always did a fantastic job. I just can not tell you enough how wonderful your company is and how fantastic your employees are! It is such a pleasure doing business with all of you! Thanks again Theresa

Subject: RE: Isles of Palmer Ranch ; Service Authorization from Accurate Electronics

Thank you. Ill send it over shortly. By the way, Jeff is fantastic!!! He took such could care of us and has the best customer service skills!

Casey Grigsby, CAM Argus Property Management, Inc. 2477 Stickney Point Road, Suite 118A Sarasota, FL 34231

Hi Derik 

Just wanted to thank you for your service.

We got another no charge invoice from you and we really appreciate your looking into and solving that problem with our board president not being able to log in without cost to us.

This just re-affirms what nice folks you are and what a good company yours is to deal with. I am including a mention of this in my management report this month.

By the way, we are looking at the possible need to upgrade the computer here in the office. In that event we will have to decide whether to stay with Windows XP or move to Windows 7. Bonnie Parham from CA says some gate operating systems require XP.

Since we are still looking at a gate with you, we will need to consider this? If so what is the answer?

Barb Barbara G. Leonard, LCAM, CMCA Community Association Manager Windward Pointe Condominiums


I wanted to let you know that we appreciate the service we have recieved from your company on our DSX System. Prior to finding you we used two other DSX Dealers in the Tampa Bay Area and they could never figure out our issues or provide the technical service you do. You should really advertize more because you by far are the Best DSX Dealer in the Tampa Bay area!

E-Solutions Tampa

Thank you for sending Erik to do our service! What a smart wonderful person. I met him before but this is the first time he has been to our location himself. He was so helpful and showed me how to view the thumb drive I copied regarding an incident at the pool. I know nothing about computers (well, very very little) and he was so patient and showed me exactly what to do to view what I had copied. We spoke also about adding 2 additional cameras at the pool. 1 in the pool area and 1 in the parking lot. I am going to discuss at the next board meeting to see if we can add it to next years budget.. He really was a pleasure to talk to and have him do our monthly service. Accurate truly hires the very best! All of you are such a pleasure to speak to and do business with! Thanks again Theresa

Hi Shelby. Just want to let you and Nick know how great the gate is working on the automatic open and close. Really makes it nice for us so we don't have to be running up there every day while this new house construction goes on. We will just keep it like this until we advise you differently. Many thanks, great service. Lynn M. Lake Secretary/Treasurer

Hi, Can you please send me a Final ROL. The gates are wonderful and everybody is very pleased. As always, your company is the best! Peggy

Meridian on Sand Key

Water's Edge ... Eric!! What a hard working tech - has spent so much time with a major problem. You have an excellent employee here. Thanks for all he is doing for us. CR

Waters Edge

Wanted to let you all know that Todd Mattern was here today to install the tele-entry system for Building C. Todd was very capable and professional with the installation. It took quite some time, but it was very nice to have someone arrive on time, do a great job, and do it well. Pete Lanshe

Madeira Cove

Derik, I would like to compliment Jeff for the excellent job that he did in installing the new gate directories, gate operators, door locks and security system at Waterford. I know that it takes a great deal of knowledge, experience and patience to get the job done. I am also that it is not always easy to deal with several people all probably making "suggestions" at the same time. Jeff handled the situation in a very professional and pleasant manner. Congratulation on having such a great employee. We look forward to a long relationship with Jeff, you and AccurateElectronics. Thanks, Dick Hale

Waterford Estates, Dick Hale


Our gates are up and running again. Thank you and your crew for the assistance and rapid response. I want to say again that I think David Lee is a wonderful technician. He is an extremely hard worker with an incredible attention to detail --- he put in a very long day yesterday, barely taking a break. He and his helper Felix had to dig a trench completely under a large oak tree. He could have cut through the large underground root structure, but elected to go under them to save the tree. We are greatful to him for that. Finally, David did a wonderful job of replacing the asphalt road and cement curbing that he had to cut out for the wires. Really a super job!

Thanks again,


Fred Longhi, Avalon Community

Tell everybody thank you very much and I look forward in having Accurate Electronics working on our gate in the near future J exclusively!


Thank you Derik! I will let you know on this next week. We really appreciate you guys standing behind your work like you did and taking care of the loop issue. You guys have us up and running like you said. But I just wanted to take a second, to thank you for getting everything taken care of.



Andrew Higgs, CAM, CAPS Community Manager Waterchase Apartment Homes (727) 518-0005 Office (727) 518-0178 Fax Real Estate Investment & Management

Wow! You guys are awesome! You make my life so much easier when I work with 487 stores a day. Thank you so very much J (that wasnt my smooze class talking that time, I have a lot of stores and when companies make things work (perfectly) I am happier than Pam Anderson in a plastic surgeon office) J Sparkle Seals | Technical Project Coordinator

Dear David, I want to take this time to thank you for recommending the new directory that was just installed. I love it. (Our homeowners have no idea about all of the technical glitches that we were experiencing with the old directory. The only thing that they were aware of was the sun-faded screen on the old directory was very hard to read.) Also, I want you to know what a great technical expert you have working for you, Jeff Shoemaker. Although, I would imagine that you already know this. (I know that Nick Neal already knows how much faith I have in Jeff.) At any rate, Jeff Shoemaker came to our subdivision last Friday and took out the old directory and installed the new one, by himself. Plus, he rewired all of the grounding equipment that we had previously purchased from your company and hooked it back up to the new directory. With this big change-over, I was expecting all kinds of technical difficulties. None happened! To date, I have not had one technical error occur --- everyone's clickers work, everyone's codes are working, and all calls to the homeowners, using the new directory, have been successful. . . On the other hand, I have had many homeowners call and complain that their guests or service providers can't get in the gates. So, we posted a note in front of the directory, stating that we have new equipment in place and that anyone needing assistance getting into the subdivision needs to read the directions on the directory. Therefore, what we now have is a training period for our homeowners --- getting them to tell their guests and service providers to either hit the * star button prior to entering their restricted code number, or for others to enter the three digits when calling an individual homeowner's telephone. (Our secretary/treasurer, Tabby Miller, just sent an email to all homeowners advising them of this change.) As you are aware, the old system had only two digits to dial a homeowner's phone number. So, I asked Jeff to change it from 001 dialing to 01 dialing, in order to make it simpler for our homeowners. However, I quickly found out that using the two digit system for calling was a mistake, on my part. Jeff had already told me that I might be making an error in trying to simplify this system. He said that our homeowners would be getting phone calls in error, as their guests would not be trained to hit the star button prior to dialing the restricted code number. Well, he was correct! Any code numbers beginning with 01 through 09 was subject to getting a phone call in error. After this happened numerous times on Saturday and with homeowners upset about it, I called Jeff at his home Saturday night and asked him to place the 0 back before each lot number, as it originally was set-up by the equipment manufacturer. Sometimes, trying to be helpful can end up hurting you. To sum it up, I am very happy with our purchase and want you to know that I am very pleased with the job that Jeff Shoemaker did for us. Best regards and Merry Christmas, Gordon Thompson, President WCHOA

Hi David! First starters, I'd like to comment on Accurate Electronics' Customer Service in one word ... OUTSTANDING! Just wanted to let you know that the representative who handles your Emergency Calls was pleasant and took action to get our issues resolved. Al returned my call quickly and discussed options on what we should do in light of the fact that Ladera is a difficult property. He followed up with an phone call yesterday to let me know what transpired and the next steps he would be taking. Perfecto! As for the estimate, I will get it signed and to you shortly. Sincerely, Berlinda Serrano, LCAM Association Manager

Condominium Associates, Inc.

Clearwater/St. Petersburg/Pinellas




Ft. Myers / Naples

National Fire Protection Association