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Service vs. Maintenance Contracts

A Service Contract is when parts and labor are included in a yearly fee so service calls would no longer be billed on an as needed basis. The problem with Service Contracts is that they are very expensive and they do not cover the usual things that go wrong with the operators, i.e.; vandalism, acts of God such as power surges, lightning and storm damage. I have found that service contracts are an unethical way of making money from a community. Don’t Pay for parts and service that you may never get.

A Maintenance contract is what all manufacturers recommend for their equipment. Operators are like automobiles. Everyone takes care of their car by routine maintenance. This prolongs the life of the car, makes it a safer vehicle to drive and prevents unnecessary breakdown and costly repairs due to poor or no maintenance. The same concept is applied to gate operators. With routine maintenance from a qualified technician you can prolong the life of the operator, help prevent unnecessary breakdown by identifying worn items before they break and replacing them which will keep your system operating the way it was originally designed.

As with automobiles, gate operators will still breakdown even with routine maintenance being performed. In this situation you would call for a regular service call and be billed for repairs on an individual basis. Same principal applies with your car. You do routine maintenance but you will still have to replace your breaks, tires, belts, and other components that will eventually fail. We apply the same concept with gate operators. Pay for the service when you need it, not up front with a service contract. With an Accurate Maintenance Contract you will save 10% on parts and labor on all future service calls as long as you are under Quarterly Maintenance contract.

Accurate Maintenance Contracts are Monthly, Quarterly and Semi-Annual depending on the frequency of use.

Key points of an Accurate Maintenance program:

  • Qualified tech performing maintenance for your equipment on a regular basis.
  • Detailed report on condition of equipment with every Maintenance.
  • Accurate Quick Quotes on any items found during maintenance that need to be replaced. (Written authorization to replace parts)
  • Limiting down time by catching the problem before breakdown occurs.
  • Prolongs the life of your system.
  • Routine maintenance will make sure that all safety features are tested on a regular basis. If safety features are not working at time of maintenance the gate system will be shut down until the safety features are restored thus limiting your liability.
    5 - 10% discount on service calls for parts and labor.
  • With normal breakdown and lightning storms the 10% saved on parts and labor could very well pay for the routine Maintenance Contract making the decision a no-brainer.

Perspective: If you just drove your car and never performed maintenance, what would happen? Same concept applies to your Gate System.

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