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Depending on your vehicle entrance and specific needs a Laser Barcode Scanner or Long Range Prox System may be a perfect fit for you!

Laser Barcode Scanner System

A high performance, solid state, laser diode based, moving beam which will scan bar code labels as a vehicle passes by to allow or deny vehicles access to a property or facility. Barcodes are very inexpensive making them ideal for large communities. Barcodes can be customized with your association or community logo and color scheme.

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Long Range Prox Reader System

Long Range Prox Readers are your “Sunpass Style” vehicle entry systems. LRP systems are ideal for resident only lanes to keep the flow of traffic moving smoothly without the hassle of stack up for residents. There are a variety of transmitters to fit any application from removable transmitters that are allowed to be passed between vehicles to non removable transmitters that automatically deactivate upon removal.

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What are the benefits of using a Laser Barcode Scanner or LRP System?

  • The bar code labels/LRP transmitters are very inexpensive in comparison with cards or remote transmitters.
  • The vehicle does not have to stop to use a card
  • Traffic flows smoothly.
  • Great for large communities, hospitals, airports, golf and country clubs, parking lots, condominiums, garages, bridge pass

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