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Accurate Electronics can handle all your card access needs. 1 door, 2 doors, 100 doors Accurate can build a control system to suit your access needs.

Card Access

Accurate uses several types of card access technologies and will custom design a system to suit your needs.

Here are some of the most commonly used access devices.

  • Proximity readers. (Reads card from a distance)
  • Touch plate readers. (Place card on plate to read)
  • Swipe reader. (Swipe card in slot to read)
  • Biometrics. (Uses fingerprint or retina scans for identification.)

A card access control system can give you: door control, elevator control, user verification, cctv integration, time zones, Access levels for individual users… the possibilities are

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Accurate Electronics is a authorized dealer for card access provided by the following manufacturers of access control systems.